Born in Nashville, I spent my youth growing up in the south, most of that time in Atlanta, GA.  When it came time to head to college I moved back to Nashville and attended Lipscomb University with a plan of majoring in Computer Information Systems.  Well, after spending more time going to concerts than class, I quickly realized my passion was definitely not going to be found at a liberal arts school.  I knew I enjoyed two things:  creating art and cooking.  After studying many college catalogues and talking to several people in the restaurant industry, I knew the "chef life" was not for me and decided to head back down to Georgia where I attended SCAD for the next several years.  Once there I found my passion in computer art, learning how to animate and honing my design skills.

After graduating from SCAD I was hired as a Designer / Animator at Primal Screen in Atlanta.  It was there that I learned the ins and outs of broadcast design, show packages and network packages.  I worked on numerous jobs for HGTV, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and many others.  After a couple of years at Primal Screen I decided I wanted more broadcast commercial experience, so my wife Melissa and I packed up our U-Haul and headed west to Los Angeles.  Once I arrived I quickly fell into the freelance world of motion graphics and advertising working with numerous companies throughout LA.  I finally settled down at Stardust, where I was given my first role as an Art Director.  It was at Stardust that I was also introduced to live-action directing and numerous commercial productions.  

After several years at Stardust, the entrepreneurial itch started to develop and I was offered an opportunity to start a design branch of Rock Paper Scissors.  I jumped on board and helped launch elastic as a companion to their wildly talented A52 visual effects company.  Finally, after a couple of years I took the leap and launched WoodShop, initially as a motion graphics company.  However not too long into the journey, I was introduced to shooting food.  My two passions had finally come together and I couldn't stop.  I immediately fell into the world of tabletop directing and have loved every second of it ever since.  

Coming full circle, the personal choice was made for our family (yeah three boys happened at some point in the above paragraph) for us to relocate back to Atlanta, or as it's affectionately called Ya'llywood.  Sadly, this meant stepping away from WoodShop and continuing my career as an independent tabletop director.  And I've got to say, joining the film industry that is exploding in the south is not only exciting but wildly inspirational.  

So hit me up if you want to work together.  Whether here, there or anywhere, I look forward to making some people hungry.